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Figures – Biotechnologies & Health in Japan

Jan bioindustry
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Japan Gross Domestic Product 2016 was about $4.9 trillions (7.97 % of the world economy).

–Japan has been ranked 16th by the Global Innovation Index 2016:

• 9th for the proportion of researchers in general population: 5.4 for 1.000 inhabitants

• 15th for academia/industry cooperation

• 3rd for its R&D intensity : 3.59% of its GDP as of june 2016

• 9th for clusters development

•1st on innovation quality –

–The 5th Science & Technology Basic Plan (2016-2020) plan on a combined private/public investment of 4% GDP in R&D, 1% coming from the government (about ¥26 trillions).

–According to the JBA, there were 591 bio-venture companies in 2014, about 150 of them being small firms (under 50 employees) according to the OECD.

–Medical devices and pharmaceuticals market: Japan is the second market worldwide with 10% of the market share.

–The biotechnology industry was valued at ¥3 trillion in 2015.

–Expected bioindustry social contribution in 2030 : market size ¥40 trillions, GDP ¥20 trillions, 80 millions jobs.

–Japanese regenerative medicine market prevision for 2030 :  ¥1 trillion.

–The Japanese population was about 127 million in 2015 and is expected to fall to less than 85 million by 2050.

–People over 65 years old are approaching 30% of the population and are expected to exceed 40% by 2050.

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