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Green pesticides in elaboration

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Interview of Abdel-Tawab Mossa, Professor of Pesticides “Pesticide Chemistry and Toxicology” at the Pesticide Chemistry Department, National Research Centre, Cairo, in Egypt. NRC is the main Research Institute in the Middle East (3500 scientists in many départements). Pr A. Mossa collaborates with Dr Jalloul Bouajila in the Toulouse Pharmacy Faculty (Robert Sabatier University) on the experimental in vitro and in vivo animal activity and the formulation of natural molecules in order to study the protective measures against the toxic effects of pesticides. You published a study in the beginning of 2017 demonstrating that insecticide Ivermectine (ABA) was highly toxic on rat females “mothers” and their offspring. As a toxicologist, I have published 54 studies. There are three parts to my studies : in vitro toxicological effects and acute oral toxicity, biological activity. We realized the first two parts in reproducing animal and the biochemistry section of Veterinary department in Cairo NRC. I achieved the third one, sample preparation and essays in vivo. You are studying lactating females rat that have been exposed to pesticides. Are there side effects? Worldwide, women working […]

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