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More than 80 AAV- based gene therapy products AAV at the clinical stage

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An accurate overview of the landscape of AAV-based gene therapy clinical trials

More than 80 products involved and more than 110 ongoing clinical trials

10 therapeutic areas and 40 diseases targeted by 49 biotech, pharma companies and academic organisations

Paris/Marseille, France, June 9, 2020

BioPharmAnalyses and OctopusyX BioConsulting today announced the launch of their latest report:

« AAV Gene Therapy products : Ongoing clinical trials »

(Updated June 2020)

This report of more than 200 pages is a unique and exhaustive overview of 116 ongoing clinical trials evaluating safety and clinical efficacy of 81 AAV-based gene therapy products. These gene therapies now target a growing number of diseases. At this time, AAV-based products are developed for the treatment of 40 diseases in 10 therapeutic areas including hematological diseases, inherited metabolic diseases, lysosomal diseases, neurological diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, neuromuscular diseases and ophthalmological diseases.

Each product, disease and trial mentioned has been highlighted with the most relevant and recent scientific publications and business informations selected by our experts (see sample pages). The report presents a comprehensive series of schematics offering a global overview of this rapidly evolving and competitive field (number of trials by phase, number of products by phase, number of trials by therapeutic area, number of products by therapeutic area…). « Based on our experience and background, we are both firmly convinced that this document is a decision-making tool for biopharma leaders, investors and institutionals » said Anne-Lise BERTHIER, General Manager of BioPharmAnalyses and Olivier REVELANT, General Manager of OctopusyX BioConsulting.

You can click here to download the press release.

About BioPharmAnalyses: BioPharmAnalyses is a news platform including databases for the tracking and the strategic monitoring in the bioparmaceutical area. BioPharmAnalyses also conducts relevant strategic reports at the forefront of competitive emerging areas in the field of human health. BioPharmAnalyses can answer any question on agreements, fundraisings, clinical studies, mergers and give concise overview on hot topics and trends in this dynamic area. The company is located in Paris area, France. See BioPharmAnalyses  – 


About OctopusyX Bioconsulting: OctopusyX BioConsulting accompanies the development of new multi-faceted skills in the emerging fields of innovative biotherapies. OctopusyX Bioconsulting provides the framework and the tools to gain a better understanding of emerging and mature competitive health technologies. OctopusyX BioConsulting supports project leaders in their efforts to initiate and implement any strategic project.The company is based in Marseille, France and is a member of Eurobiomed Cluster. See Octopusyx BioConsulting