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Quinten Health innovates at DIA Basel 2023 with Real-World Digital Twins for Clinical Trial Optimization

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Paris, March 8th 2023 – After closing a 14 M€ financing round in last September, QUINTEN HEALTH, a pioneer
in real-world data science, trusted Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for precision care,
today announces its participation at DIA Europe 2023 on March 22 to 24 in Basel (booth 75). The company will
present how their AI-powered disease and care models transform drug development.

During a live spotlight session, “Faster and smarter clinical development using disease and care simulation”,
scheduled on March 23 – 12:20PM, Billy Amzal, CEO of Quinten Health and Alexandre Templier, President of
Quinten Health, will invite industry and regulatory leaders to discuss why and how to extend current clinical evidence
at R&D stages with the projection of long-term real-world medical and economic value. Panelists will notably discuss
how federating trial and real-world data can lead to the development of pre-competitive reference disease simulators
for more effective drug development and regulation.

While RWE has been gaining ground in regulators’ and payers’ decisions across the globe, current approaches fail
in anticipating RW outcomes years before launch. The use of AI/ML with predictive models trained on multiple data
sources enables the generation of digital twin cohorts for reliable disease and care simulations.

QUINTEN HEALTH developed a patented approach to digital twin cohorts that can simulate patients’ disease and
care trajectories under any chosen standard of care. It can mirror the real-world diversity in patients and medical
practices so to test and compare care pathway scenarios. When used for drugs in development, disease and care
simulations make it possible to de-risk trial designs and drugs positioning and enable predictive substantiation of
long-term benefit/risk.

Our disease and care simulators leverage the best existing data networks/platforms and combine state-of-the-art
AI/ML, predictive modeling, and pharmaco-epidemiology. We are building reference ‘virtual twins’ generators in
diseases with high unmet needs to accelerate drug development and patient access to the right drugs
comments Dr Billy Amzal, CEO of QUINTEN HEALTH and a pioneer expert in disease modeling since 1999.

Our disease-centric models will ultimately transform the way drugs are developed and evaluated, and enable
precision care” complements Dr Alexandre Templier, President of the QUINTEN HEALTH.
About Quinten Health

QUINTEN HEALTH, headquartered in Paris, France, is a fully owned spin-off from QUINTEN, the French pioneer
in AI and interpretable data science applied to healthcare since 2008. QUINTEN HEALTH is a European leader in
precision medicine, real-world data analytics and patient simulation. QUINTEN HEALTH provides healthcare
stakeholders (industry, hospitals, and health agencies) with AI/ML solutions for precision care.