Advanced BioDesign

Traitement anti-cancéreux

Adresse 655 Allée des Parcs, 69800 Saint-Priest

Nombre d'employés 8

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Téléphone 0482538962

Présentation de l'entreprise

“Advanced BioDesign is a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company founded in 2010 and focused on the development of novel anticancer drugs, focusing specifically on targeting ALDH as therapeutic approach for acute myeloid leukaemia and other cancers with high unmet medical needs.

Our innovative strategy aims to overcome tumour chemoresistance and to restore or activate endogenous cell death mechanisms in cancer cells.

Our lead drug candidate, ABD-3001, is a small-molecule inhibitor of the ALDH family of enzymes that is at the initial stage of clinical development for a wide range of cancers, including acute myeloid leukaemia, non-small cell lung cancer, melanoma and others.” from