Recherche et développement dans l'immunodéficience

Adresse 3-5 impasse Reille 75014 Paris, France

Site web https://www.diaccurate.com/

Téléphone 0178964172

e-Mail contact@diaccurate.com

Présentation de l'entreprise

“Today DIACCURATE is conducting proprietary development programs in disease indications with partial or total CD4 immunodeficiency. A phase I/II multi-center trial is already planned in HIV for the most advanced product of the company, the anti-PLA2G1B enzyme drug candidate; a “sole in class antibody” that could achieve for the very first time the functional cure of HIV patients.

DIACCURATE was founded by Prof. Jacques THÈZE, an international leading authority in the fields of CD4 biology and HIV infection and its former student, Dr. Philippe POULETTY, who since then has pioneered the development of biotechnology and co-founded Truffle Capital of which he is now the Life Science General Manager.

Based in Paris, France, at the Pasteur Institute, the company is supported by an experienced management team and a world class academic network committed to make CD4 trans immunotherapy a new therapeutic standard in infections and cancers.” From https://www.diaccurate.com/profile