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Présentation de l'entreprise

“As the expert manufacturer of Bioactive Glass, we believe that every single patient in the world should profit from best-in-class medical technologies in the area of bone regeneration tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. From scientific discovery and clinical trials to product manufacturing, we perform our research and innovation work with passion, producing in the end truly innovative technologies that make a real difference in the field of human health.

We are proud to share our knowledge with healthcare specialists who are committed to offering patients the best possible treatment.
Providing a high level of care enhances the patient’s quality of life, and the clinician’s professional reputation. For NORAKER, patient care represents a long-term commitment, to healthcare professionals and to their patients.

We strongly believe in close collaborations with Institutional, Academic and Private organizations, to develop cutting-edge medical devices, adapted to market expectations, with a single-end purpose: improving patient comfort.

R&D is focused on the development of new bioactive products in order to access new applications. Due to its expertise, based on its know-how in bioactive glass synthesis and processing, NORAKER is the specialist in bone regeneration.” from