Thérapie génique

Adresse 26 Rue Henri Auguste Desbruères, 91100 Corbeil-Essonnes

Site web www.yposkesi.com

Téléphone 0161617001

e-Mail contact@yposkesi.com

Présentation de l'entreprise

“The Yposkesi story begins with the AFM-Telethon, the French Muscular Dystrophy Association, and a mission to make innovative therapies accessible to patients with genetic disorders and other disabilities. AFM-Telethon had originally created Genethon and CECS/I-Stem, two-world-class R&D centers developing respectively gene- and cell-therapies for orphan genetic diseases from research to clinical validation, with an early focus on biomanufacturing since 2006. Leveraging on this unique expertise Yposkesi was launched in November 2016, with the co-investment by AFM-Telethon and the SPI Investment fund from BPI-France.”
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