Intelligence artificielle appliquée à la cardiologie

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Présentation de l'entreprise

“Cardiologs is a medical technology company committed to transforming cardiac diagnostics by utilising medical-grade artificial intelligence and cloud technology.

 From the very early stages, Cardiologs partnered with leading cardiology and emergency medicine experts to develop a cutting-edge solution that empowers clinicians worldwide to deliver expert cardiac care faster and more efficiently.
 The Cardiologs ECG Analysis Solution is built on an ever-growing and proprietary database of more than 1,450,000 recordings and is supported by a number of clinical publications that demonstrate leading diagnostic performance.

It was the world’s first medical device powered by deep learning technology to receive regulatory clearance (CE Mark in August 2016) and among the first to receive FDA clearance (June 2017).

 Today, Cardiologs is partnering with clinicians and healthcare practitioners across four continents to realize the vision of making expert cardiac diagnostics scalable and accessible to everyone.” from cardiologs.Com