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“In general, complex tissue models reflect the in vivo situation more reliably than simpler 2D or 3D systems. But the higher the complexity, the lower the throughput. Complex models also raise other problems such as validation, reproducibility, image analysis, maintenance, as well as costs.

CYTOO has pioneered the ability to control the cellular microenvironment through the use of micropattern technologies.  The CYTOO culture platform significantly enhances the physiological relevance of cellular models in comparison to standard techniques used by most labs and CRO’s.

CYTOO’s solutions can transform conventional cellular models grown as heterogeneous monolayers into a more in-vivo like phenotype and morphology through cell micropatterning (shown to modulate genomic transcription after restituting physical cues). The unique approach can then enable simple conversion of poorly predictable and robust, and low throughput assays, into highly reliable and data rich high content screening efforts.” from