Entreprise pharmaceutique

Adresse 7 Allée de Londres, 91140 Villejust

Site web www.drugabilis.com

Téléphone 0169762809

e-Mail contact@drugabilis.com

Présentation de l'entreprise

“Drugabilis is a fully independent, privately owned, drugability-focused drug discovery and preclinical-development company located in the southwest of Paris, France. It is the first CRO specialized in pharmaceutical physicochemical characterization and formulation as applied to the early selection of new drug candidates. It delivers both experimental support and consulting services to its customer’s research efforts by supporting the selection of drugable compounds and delivery systems.

It was founded on October 7th, 2004, after the Pfizer relocation of the Discovery Research Operations previously based at the former Jouveinal/Parke Davis Fresnes site. Its management and scientists have extensive experience in the support of therapeutic research programs.

Joel Vacus started Drugabilis to help research organisations select higher-quality and more robust drug candidates, simplifying preclinical development phases and securing faster return on research investments.

After 13 years working for major pharmaceutical companies at the Discovery-Development interface, he strongly believes research projects need to be closely supported by specialised scientists, able to characterise the physicochemical properties of research compounds, to quickly and rationally formulate them for animal experiments and to correctly predict if and how Discovery findings will apply to drug product prototypes in development.” from drugabilis.com