Peinture et revêtements écologiques

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Présentation de l'entreprise

“We work hard to create products for paint and coatings that are the best they can be in every way. Products, that are innovating, easy to use, and highly performing. And the same passion for innovation goes into how we think about environmental responsibility.
We know CO2 ranks among the most important greenhouse gases that influence the way the climate is changing. It’s a real problem. As an architectural coating producer, we know we use energy and material, which in turn generates greenhouse gas emissions. That’s part of the problem we can help solve, by finding less energy consuming production process, using bio-based raw materials for waterborne coatings for instance.
In 2012, we evaluated the greenhouse gas emissions caused by our business activities, to have an overview of where and how we can adopt suitable measures.
We are proud of the products we develop and the way we make them. But we know we can still do better… we work on that everyday… we strive to leave a cleaner planet for the next generation” from