Robot de comanipulation chirurgicale en cœlioscopie

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“With its platform, MastOR aims at offering a ubiquitousaffordable and modular platform delivering pristine surgical assistance in minimally invasive digestive procedures. The system keeps the surgeon at the patient’s bed and leveraging the power of surgical robotics, existing laparoscopy instruments and haptics-enhanced, seamless manipulation into one light and simple solution.

Our initial focus is to improve cholecystectomies and hernia repair in operating rooms, where patient outcomes are expected to be excellent for routine cases, with optimal task allocation and operating room processes.

Our platform will be intended for camera (laparoscope) holdingstabilization and guidance, as well as for organ retraction and operating field exposure.

Every step of our development, every part of our solution is derived from patient-, surgeon- and OR staff- specific inputs aimed at improving the operational practice.” from