Alimentation animale

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“We produce insect-based protein for animal feed stocks in a quest to accelerate sustainable agriculture and tackle resource scarcity with close to no carbon footprint.

Driven by a personal desire to address land and resource scarcity and feed a rising population sustainably: we can produce as much protein from 100 m² as 100 hectares of soya field.
Dedicated to processing and producing insect-based protein for animal feedstocks at a lower cost with equivalent nutritional value. We do this by taking otherwise unconsumed food on which to raise the insects, returning protein to the food cycle.
Experienced in breeding the Black Soldier Fly. This particular species of fly is selected specially for its beneficial, high-yield quality, as it can be processed into a powder, an oil and a fertilizer.
Approved by the EU for aquaculture feed, and can be used for feedstocks for the poultry and pork industries and for pet food. We are currently increasing our production capacity to one tonne of protein per day.

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