Dispositifs de diagnostics des cancers urologiques

Adresse 9 Rue de Pacy, 27930 Miserey

Nombre d'employés 11

Site web www.oncodiag.fr

Téléphone 0227343552

e-Mail hennion@oncodiag.fr

Présentation de l'entreprise

“OncoDiag is a French biotechnology company based in Normandy at one hour from Paris and Rouen cities. The company is focused on developing of non-invasive diagnostic tests for early detection of cancers. Its lead product the Urodiag (CE-IVD) is a urine-based lab test for the surveillance of bladder cancer. The company’s pipeline also includes the Colodiag in development for the screening of colorectal cancer.

The management is assumed by a highly qualified team, with complementary expertise and supported by a scientific advisory board representative of the health sector.” from oncodiag.fr