Step Pharma

Traitement des maladies auto-immunes et des leucémies

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“Step Pharma is discovering and developing novel therapeutics that inhibit the enzyme CTP Synthase 1 (CTPS1).

Step Pharma was created on the basis of research on genetic immunodeficiencies led by Prof. Alain Fischer at the Imagine Institute (Paris, France) which established the essential role of CTPS1 in T- and B-cell proliferation.

Step Pharma has developed a series of potent, selective, orally available small molecular weight inhibitors of CTPS1 with the lead compound expected to enter clinical development in 2021. The role of CTPS1 in modulating immune cells has been genetically validated and we have shown in preclinical experiments the potential for CTPS1 inhibitors to reduce disease severity in models of autoimmune disease and inhibit T- and B-cell proliferation in models of cancer.

Step Pharma continues to work closely with our scientific founders Prof Alain Fischer and Prof Sylvain Latour benefiting from their extensive experience in immunology. In addition we have a strong management team and a committed investor group.” from